About us

Shubhra Singh Services is all about powering your ambitions. We are wholly for those who want to make a mark in the field of insurance. Life insurance is an agreement between the company and individuals. People choose life insurance for a variety of reasons. Here are a few listed below.

  • Financial security and protection for family – Life is unpredictable and so is the future of every bread earner of the family. In case of any eventuality, life insurance takes care of your family needs.
  • Critical illness – The most sought after feature of a life insurance policy is that you are covered from all kinds of illness.
  • Tax deductions – To encourage the culture of insurance, govt gives tax benefits.
  • Investment – Insurance also comes with scope of investment like in the case of saving plan.
  • Assured income after retirement – Pension plans help you to achieve financial independence even after you have stopped earning.
  • Wealth creator – ULIP are a type of life insurance where you can invest with the aim of creating wealth for a future event like children marriage or higher education.

We can sit and discuss with you to understand your financial commitments to your family. Then we can suggest the best insurance plans for securing your future. An insurance policy purchased though us is not just a contract, but an association for life. Because we are into building relations and not just selling insurance plans. Only a Max Life Insurance Agent Advisor can help your way to understand the complexities of a life insurance policy.

Plan a career with us

Insurance agent is one of the most respected professions of the finance world. At Max Life we ensure that not only do you get a career in the top most insurance company of the world, you get a distinguishing identity for yourself. You get a chance to help people by advising them about their future financial goals and plan for unexpected events. A family would have never sat together and discussed financial option. When an insurance agent advisor comes knocking at your door, it is the first time that you see your financial setup for the next five or ten years or maybe more. Any one can take up a career with Max Life and we are your growth engine.

Digitally empower yourself

In the networked world of today, you cannot survive without having a reasonable amount of online presence. Entrepreneurs make it a mission to go online and reach out to their customers. Having a strong online identity gives them the cutting edge in the competitive world of today. When you join us as Insurance Agent Advisors you not only learn the best way of selling policies, you understand the nuances of how to take your brand online. Social media is a maze today. We shall show you the tricks and the tips of how to build up your brand image organically. Along with you insurance training, you will also receive a detailed course on how to market yourself digitally.

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