Shubhra Singh Services

I am Shubhra Singh

Agency Development Manager, Max Life

I began working with Max Life as an Insurance Agent Advisor. Today I am ADM which empowers me to recruit and train future insurance agents.

Join me and be part of the most respected profession in the world of finance and get a chance to make a difference.

Our 3 pillars

Life Insurance is all about caring for your family. Taking care of their financial needs. You have to make sure that your loved ones are protected against anything unexpected in the future and should be happy.

Join us and train to become a Max financial advisor. Apart from the financial gains and perks, we offer incredible working environment and satisfaction. A chance to help others and getting blessed in the process.

Shubhra Singh Services empowers you both physically as well as digitally. You will acquire those digital skills which will help you sail for a lifetime. A strong online presence means greater customer outreach.

What does it take to be a woman

Being a woman I can connect with you. Women are achievers. Nothing can stop a woman to achieve her aim. I am here to provide that opportunity which will help you reach your financial goals and independence.

Come join us and be part of a movement which defines the power of networking and convincing.

Customers reviews

The services rendered by "Shubhra Singh Services" are excellent, trustworthy and superb by any standards. You can leave all your investments and financial problems upon "Shubhra Singh Services" and relax in absolute peace of mind.
Sushil Bhatnagar
The best services and plans. Shubhra is one of the informed & dedicated person. One can blindly have faith on her guidance!
Aastha Kalra
Graphologist & Guided Art Therapist
Insurance is the need of the hour with challenges everyday... The insurance pages are usually boring and mundane...but this page looks superb and so lively. Kudos and great work Sukaone team.
Preeti Bhandari